Our Story

First and foremost thank you so much for choosing Michi Michi Michelada mix, your support is greatly appreciated! 

My name is Malinda and I created this brand as a stay at home mom of two small children. What can I say I'm a mama who needs a drink! My mix was first concocted by my mother and I about eight years ago. She a lover of a good bloody mary, and I a beer drinker. We were tired of the same old basic micheladas that lacked the punch of flavor that we truly wanted. We decided to amplify the traditional michelada to incorporate some of the bloody mary flavors that my mother loved. My husband was the true taste tester as he is a self proclaimed "michelada aficionado".  Lets just say he's the number one Michi Michi FAN!

For years our friends and family have loved the mix, so I decided to turn this family favorite into a business.

My mother has since passed away but this will always be our mix. This is truly a family affair. 

Now my goal is to sell a michelada mix that needs no doctoring up.  No need to add extra lime, salt, or hot sauce. Nothing! I created this mix to be highly concentrated in flavor so that when you pour that beer you are set with alllll the flavor you crave!

I am confident that you will enjoy our mix as much as we do! From my family to your CHEERS!